Every Storm Runs Out of Rain

The image above is a tweet from @AlexBanayan, and I really love it. It reads,

“When I interviewed Maya Angelou, she told me to write this sentence on my notepad and to never forget it.
‘Every storm runs out of rain.’
i still think of that line to this day.”

As I reflect on this, I think it can mean a number of things:

— Some storms aren’t worth our energy.
— Sometimes, we’ve fought too long in a direction that’s not worth it. Just walk away.

But I think my favorite is this:

— Sometimes, with time, the clouds clear. The pain is clearer too, or healed or healing. And love, or possibility, or expansiveness, or growth is what remains.

What does it mean to you?

Renee Roederer

2 thoughts on “Every Storm Runs Out of Rain

  1. I really like how you adapted the meaning of this. Option 1: no, that’s not it, this time. Option 2: not that either, but option 3? So fitting, helpful, comforting. Wonderful for people in some kind of extended suffering, like chronic health problems, or the day by day losses of a spouse with dementia, loss by loss by loss. So what does it mean to me? What you said. THANK YOU


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