The Weight of Grief

weight of Grief

I recently encountered this image on Facebook.  It’s described as “The Weight of Grief,” and it is a very evocative piece of art by Celeste Roberge. Upon seeing the image, I was instantly moved by this work.

This art is moving as it creates an instant, visceral recognition of truth.
Yes, grief feels like this.
Yes, it feels this heavy.
Yes, it is unbelievably challenging to pull ourselves up and stand straight.

When I saw this image, it brought me to certain memories and recognitions. It connected me to feelings of grief that I have carried, and it reminded me of friends who are grieving right now.

Some are grieving recent losses,
Some a grieving losses that happened years ago, and
Some are grieving multiple losses at once.

This is all a reminder that we need to be gentle with ourselves and one another when we are carrying the weight of grief. It is an enormously heavy load of emotions, pain, and physical changes in our bodies.

And in the midst of grief, we need connection. There are certain moments when solitude and privacy may be desired, but most of all, we need connection. We need the presence of others.

We need to know that we are seen in our grief, and we need to know that even though our lives are changing, we are loved as the person we have always been.

Do we know people who are in the midst of grief?

Are we grieving right now?

How can we reach out and connect with one another so that no one is bearing this weight alone?

Renee Roederer

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