I am so grateful that you have visited Smuggling Grace. This website is the primary space for my writing, and I am appreciative when people visit and add their voices to the conversations here.

I also contribute to magazines, podcasts, and other online sources as well. Here are some of my published pieces:

Fidelia’s Magazine of Young Clergy Women International
A Vision
Go-To Quote

Fig Tree Revolution
Deportations and the Get-Out-of-Empathy-Free Card
Shifting Burdens

NEXT Church
Community Chaplaincy for Nones and Dones

The Huffington Post
Come On, Bill. Enough of the Male Gaze Already
Donald Trump: Make Church Authoritarian Again
My Harmful Attempts to be One of the ‘Good Whites’
No, Mr. Trump, You Do Not ‘Tell It Like It Is’
Obamacare: A Minister’s Open Letter to Mitch McConnell
Predatory Capitalism is Not Christian
‘Seinfeld’: Belonging to Something Bigger
The Rev. Dr. “Mr.” Jack Rogers, Mentor and Friend
That Deplorable ‘No Such Thing as a Free Lunch’ Argument
We Need In-Flight Videos For Our Everyday, Worst Fears
When Teachers Delight in Students, Students Learn Their Worth
While the U.S. Threatens Border Walls, Norway Wants to Give a Mountain
Why Don’t We Say the Name of the Disabled Reporter?

This is just a sampling of my writing for the Huffington Post. You can see all of my Huffpost pieces here.

The Presbyterian Outlook
Nones and Dones Find God-Breathed Belonging

Unbound: An Interactive Journal of Christian Social Justice
From Confession to Confession: The Adoption of Belhar and the Public Naming of Abuse
The Gospel is Intersectional: Considering The Foothills Presbytery Overtures

The Pulpit Fiction Podcast
Voice in the Wilderness, April 24, 2016
Voice in the Wilderness, August 14, 2016
Voice in the Wilderness, July 23, 2017

The Unchurching Podcast
Nones and Dones Ministry


I love to ponder life through poetic words and imagery. Here are some of the pieces I’ve written:

A Living Procession
And So We Resound: Mark’s Invitational Gospel
Choose That Which is Choosing You
For the Goal

I Am Afraid of a Harmless  Thing
I Walked Toward the Sun
On the Third Day
Our Expanding Universe
Show Your Roots
Smuggling Grace
Suddenly, I Heard My Own Prayer
The Gerasenes and the Gadarenes
The Sacred Otherwise
The Universe
We Are God Bearers