Mother’s Day: It’s Complicated


Each year when Mother’s Day rolls around, I celebrate a number of formative, loving people who have nurtured me into being in variety of beautiful ways. I find myself deeply grateful that all these individuals and communities have come into my life.

I also recognize that this day can be very complex and deeply painful for many as we remember mothers and children who have died, ponder struggles with infertility, deal with painful memories, or grapple with separations and estrangements.

If you find yourself grieving or longing today, please know you’re not alone. Today, I’ve listed a number of excellent links that bring home just how complex this day can be.

You are loved.

A Mother’s Day Blessing For All

Reconsidering Mother’s Day

Being a Mom Without a Mom

Being the Mother of a Child Who Died – On Mother’s Day

‘This will all be worth it’; The Silent Cost of Infertility

The Peculiar Grief of the Adult Orphan

5 Reasons Why It’s OK If You Don’t Want Children

Unhappy Mother’s Day: My Mother Was Abusive

A Vision

[1] I found this image here.

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