Alton Sterling: Haunting Questions




Some haunting questions linger as the nation grieves, rages, and protests over the death of Alton Sterling at the hands of Louisiana police officers. . .

Alton Sterling may have seen the videos of Eric Garner and Walter Scott when they were killed by police officers and wondered, “What if that was me. . .?”

And then it was. 

Certainly, Alton Sterling knew of Michael Brown, Sandra Bland, Tamir Rice, Renisha McBride, and Freddie Gray. Perhaps, with horror yet with empathy, there were moments when he wondered, “What if that was my family. . .?”

And then it was. 

This is what many people of color are wondering all across our nation today:
Will that someday be me or my family?

In light of this lingering, traumatic question, I wonder. . .

When will we finally create a nation where “No,” could actually be trusted as an answer?

When will we finally create a nation where “No more!” drowns out any cry of “No, he deserved it because [insert manipulative spin]?”

When will we finally create a nation where “No, I didn’t do anything wrong,” is treated with respect for civil liberties instead of an escalated “No, you’ll do what I say. . .”?

Until our voices resound with the right kind of NO,
Until our
spirits, and
bodies resound with that kind of NO,
No change will ever come.

Renee Roederer

[1] Image: Alton Sterling, Facebook

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