When your friend calls about sunflowers. . .

In a huff of frustration yesterday, I turned my car around and backtracked to my house. Thankfully, I wasn’t very far away. I had forgotten something I needed for a meeting, so I turned around to retrieve it. Once I was quickly out the door again, I learned that traffic was stalled on the interstate I needed. For a variety of reasons, I was surely going to be late.

I had worked hard all day, trying to meet a number of deadlines. In actuality, it was a day of productivity, but I felt constantly behind. This was the last straw. I was an irritated driver.

I took note of my frustrations while I waited for a red light to turn, and at that very moment, I realized I had a voicemail. I try not to use the phone on the road, but I was just sitting there, and this voicemail was from my dear friend Adrian. I decided to listen.

I’m so glad I decided to listen.

“I feel so happy every time I have to drive this way,” she said, “because sunflowers are in full bloom now. We have these huge fields and fields and fields of sunflowers being grown as crops, and they’re just so pretty. Unfortunately, they’re not ever in a place where I can pull over and take a picture because they’re on the freeway, and there’s not much of a shoulder. But I wanted to tell you about that, because I thought that is something that would also bring you joy like it does me.”

Could she have possibly shared these words at a better time?

There was so much wonder and gratitude in her voice as she shared this image me, and my heart was suddenly filled with the connection of friendship.

We all have the ability — at any moment
to share simple gifts with one another.

We all have the capacity — at any moment
to open ourselves toward connection.

Sometimes, the simplest occasions for connection are the most profound.
Thank you, Adrian.

Renee Roederer


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