That Glorious, “I’m All In,” Feeling


[Source: Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain]

When I woke up this morning, the chorus to John Folgerty’s song, “Centerfield” was stuck in my head: “Put me in, coach! I’m ready to play. . . today!” “Kudos,” I said to my subconscious brain. “You picked the right song for the day.” I was amused by this silly choice.

The situation became a bit more ridiculous once I searched for the song itself on Youtube. First of all, I thought it was a Bob Seger song. Wrong. Then, after realizing the title was “Centerfield,” instead of “Put Me In, Coach,” (which also sounds like an airline song),  I accidentally searched for “Centerfold” in my tired stupor. That’s when I then got the J. Giles Band. This was all spiraling down a silly pathway.

But then, I found the actual song itself and allowed myself to listen to it playfully. It’s appropriate to August 1, after all. A few weeks ago, I decided that August would be “All In Month.”

Yes, all in.

I was driving on M14 East when I had the recognition. Suddenly, an exhilarating feeling washed over me. Come August, I would be positioned to do one thing  — the thing I have come to dream most about. I would be able to put my energies toward organizing Michigan Nones and Dones full-time.

This community is ten months old. It contains a number of people who are religiously unaffiliated (Nones) and a number of people who have left established, institutional churches (Dones). It includes people who remain connected to various traditions but want to reform what those look like (Christians who want to see reforms in churches, for instance), and a people who practice a variety of mystical traditions and spiritual disciplines. We talk about spirituality, the teachings of Jesus, and our personal journeys with both. We’re building a network of friendships, and I believe that web is about to get stronger.

With excitement and many great hopes, I want to see this community vision thrive. So I’m going to chase it. Starting especially today, I’m “all in.” I feel a sense of joy. I feel a sense of risk too: This is the least lucrative pathway I’ve ever chosen! (I’m brainstorming financial ideas these days. Any thoughts? Email me). But even that realization feels exciting in its own way – not because it’s risky, but because it involves a decision to trust the calling itself. The “all in” feeling is glorious.

So I wonder if you’ve tapped into a similar feeling before? We’re all called to particular ways of living and serving. We each have unique visions and strengths to put into the world toward the betterment of one another.

So. . .
– What about you?
– What energizes you these days?
– How can you allow that energy to take up more space within your being or
within your acting?

I wonder what beckons you.  Are you “all in?” It doesn’t mean you have to do it full-time, though you might. But are you ready to let its commitment change you?

Let me know.
Let’s be “all in” together.

Renee Roederer



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