Ian’s Phone: The End of An Era


How long have you had your cell phone? One year? Two years? Since the most recent version of the iPhone was released?

However long you’ve had yours, I can promise you that you haven’t kept it as long as my husband, Ian Roederer, kept his. Today, I am here to report that after eleven years of faithful use, Ian’s legendary dinosaur phone no longer has service.

Here’s an ode to a phone and an era gone by. . . And here’s a shout out to a person who would keep a low functioning phone for as many years as it takes a newborn to reach fifth grade. Today, we salute a thick, low tech Nokia and its faithful keeper.

When we first moved to Austin, Texas all the way back in 2005, Ian and I entered a Cingular store (remember those?) and started our adventure of having 512 area codes. This was before we had Facebook accounts and the same year that YouTube was a brand new thing. On that day, Ian bought this faithful Nokia, and I bought a flip phone. Since that moment, I’ve had five different phones, and like virtually everyone, I’ve updated to smart phones. But not Ian. With dedication, he kept a dumb phone going until two weeks ago.

Now you may be wondering how this Nokia has been able to work consistently for eleven whole years. Simple answer: It hasn’t. Ian has been so dedicated to this phone that he has replaced the battery four different times.

And in fact, it still works. It’s just that all cell phone providers have progressively cramped his style. Two and a half years ago, AT&T contacted Ian and let him know they would no longer provide 2G service. Well, 2G service was a must! So Ian researched all other companies and switched over to Cricket, the sole provider which would support a bygone era.

That is, until a month ago. Four weeks ago, they contacted Ian to let him know that his simpler days are over. . . Cricket is ceasing its 2G service.

So pigs can fly, and Ian Roederer now has a smart phone.

This weekend, we traveled out of town for a wedding. Before the ceremony, I glanced in the room where guests had arrived and were now waiting. A clump of people were all passing time on their cell phones. And I could not believe it, but Ian was now one of them. There he was, staring at a screen and texting actual words!

I realized it is an end of an era. . .

Goodbye, mid-aught years of the 2000s, before we texted constantly, and could play Snake.

Goodbye, thick, stumpy phone, though you fit more easily in a pocket.

Goodbye, 5 key which often got stuck.

You were beautiful.

Now both Roederers will have to make intentional choices not to get sucked constantly into the smartphone universe as it often calls for our attention.

We’re in this together now. Here we go.

Renee Roederer

One thought on “Ian’s Phone: The End of An Era

  1. Let Ian know that I am still a flip phone user. My first lasted from 2007 to 2015, and I only changed because of the whole 2G AT & T thing. I swiftly chose among the free choices they offered me and chose another flip. It fits into my pocket and purse just perfectly, is available to me for talk and text (yes, T9) and keeps me free from the internet while I go through my day. But full disclosure, my husband has a smart phone so “we” always have one onboard being “inseparable” at the moment 🙂

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