There Is Enough (There Has to Be)


These days, a mantra has swelled up within me:

There is enough.
There is enough.
There is enough.

In a time of profound anxiety, ignited by tangible threats to wellbeing, I find myself pondering the need for these words. Most of the time, the largest part of me actually believes them. By those words, I mean this:

There are truly enough resources — money, time, passion, compassion, power, skills, drive, ingenuity, creativity, nimbleness, intelligence, relationships, vision, and courage — to look straight at injustices, dismantle their power, and create justice toward lasting forms of change.

There is enough.

But is there will?

As we know, some benefit socially and economically from the very injustices that marginalize, imprison, and kill others. We are up against entrenched systems of power that many will not want to break.

But if the will is there — if there is enough desire to dismantle such systems and build forms of justice — we will have to use every fiber of our being to organize our resources. Journalist Shaun King says it this way: The level of our organization will have to rise to the level of our outrage.


– Renee Roederer




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