He Enraged Us


[Wikicommons: Montgomery Arrest, 1958]

He enraged us.
Through and through, he made us furious with his revolutionary visions and resolute demands. His words were inspiring, and his actions revealed unwavering commitment, no doubt. But those very words and actions enraged us to the core.
We should remember it.
We should hold it up as truth on a day like today —
a mirror of memory to reveal this present moment
and its proclivity for malice.
After all,
we tend to revile the truth-tellers,
we tend to reprimand the troublemakers.
THIS Truth-teller
THIS Troublemaker
had the audacity to weave words into expansive dreams.
THIS Truth-teller
THIS Troublemaker
had the courage to cultivate change through collective action.
He exclaimed truth aloud — shouted it to the rooftops — and called our caste systems into question.
He made us question ourselves —
our prejudice,
our privilege,
our power structures.
He enraged us.
We still ask his questions, and we have just scratched the surface of his dreams. Maybe one day, we will realize their depths.
But until we do, we’ll need people to enrage us. And we’ll need to join them.

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