Community Chaplaincy: Doing What I Love


Hello, friends.

I recently had an opportunity to write an article about what I’m up to these days. I’m serving as a Community Chaplain for Nones and Dones. That’s a rather quirky title, but it’s actually a perfect description of what I do. I spend time in the community as a chaplain, especially for people who are religiously unaffiliated and people who have left organized religious institutions.

This article is a part of the NEXT Church Blog. NEXT Church is an organization and a movement in the Presbyterian Church (USA) that discerns visions for innovation, direction, justice, and inclusion in the Church.

Feel free to read the article. It’s called Community Chaplaincy for Nones and Dones.

Renee Roederer

The image above was taken during a recent march at the University of Michigan. It seems like a fitting expression of Community Chaplaincy — my local campus neighborhood and my most colorful stole.

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