When Actual Fascists Harm Actual Students

Yesterday, I wrote about the anti-racist posters that were placed around the University of Michigan over the weekend.

I’m quite sad and concerned about what happened on Sunday evening. Fascists arrived on the campus, tore down Black Lives Matters flyers, threw some away, and then accosted students with others. They harassed students and made nazi salutes. It was scary. 

I want to share the statement from CAWS (Collective Against White Supremacy):

“Early this morning, several CAWS members and supporters posted flyers across U-M’s campus to counter a national white supremacist flyering action. This evening, two white supremacists tore down those posters in broad daylight, shoving them in people’s faces. When a CAWS member encountered them, they were aiming a nazi salute at three women, one who was a woman of color. Upon being called out, those same white supremacists then called the police on the CAWS member present, for harassing them. These white supremacists were bold, confident, and felt that the police are their allies. The police responded by “mediating” this “political dispute” and helping the white supremacists file a report. 

“We have a lot of work to do, Ann Arbor. . . To the Black folks, trans folks, and folks of color who had to see this racist event and see these flyers in the trash: we are sorry that this happened, saddened, and angry. Black lives matter. Your lives matter. We value you and if we can help you hold space to process this event, please contact us.”

This is how real white supremacy is. This is how emboldened white supremacists are becoming.

This is why we all have to be in the work. 

Less than 24 hours later, I was glad to discover that someone pulled the posters out of the garbage and displayed them again. The work continues.

And they forgot to tear this one down.

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