Three Things to Name


  • No one should be denied healthcare because of a lack of financial means.
    Wealth is never synonymous with worth.

    Physical, emotional, mental, and behavioral health must not emerge as luxury items for people at the top of a caste system.

  • Black Lives Matter.
    Without qualification,
    Without a need for explanation,

    Black lives simply, profoundly, intrinsically, and thoroughly matter.

  • Undoubtedly, when people gain concentrated power, they have ample opportunities to abuse others. It is thoroughly dangerous.

    But even in the most entrenched hierarchy, there is always — always — more power in the collective that exists below —
    If it is organized.
    If it refuses to accept divide and conquer tactics,
    If it is centered around solidarity (when you are attacked, I protect you; when I am attacked, you protect me)

    The collective can be power beyond our wildest imaginations.

    Renee Roederer

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