Fossil Fuels and Greed

[Photo: NASA]

When Donald Trump withdraws this nation from the Paris Accord, as news sites are reporting this morning that he is about to do, I really believe that other nations should consider placing sanctions on the United States. I don’t like saying that, but perhaps that becomes necessary.

If people are enabled to wreck our climate, they are catalyzing tremendous harm to generations behind us. And it’s not as though these effects cannot be seen now. Island nation states are literally trying to figure out where they will evacuate their citizens in the next ten years.

It troubles me that one person is enabled to make this decision on our behalf, creating harm for years to come.

And it troubles me that the greed of the fossil fuel industry lies behind it.

We could invest in renewable energy, add ingenuity and new possibilities to our nation, and create a host of new jobs in the process.

But our nation, including its politicians, serve fossil fuel moguls and their money.

Renee Roederer

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