For One Week, Literally, Less Thoughts

I’m going to try something.

This week, for myself and my wider community, I’m going to prioritize a different way of processing. I’m going to privilege intuition.

Many of us are easily inundated with thoughts – verbal internalizations which help us process what’s around us, often with a particular kind of logic. Verbal thoughts are not to be disparaged. They are one vital way to process information, create meaning, and make decisions.

But if this is the only way we process the world, we can miss other ways of finding knowledge and insight. Particular thoughts can overtake us and move toward the rumination of anxiety. These thoughts can also take our focus away from our present moments, our surroundings, our relationships, and our bodies.

But have you ever slowed down thoughts and opened space for an aha moment? Can you recall one of these moments for you and your community? Perhaps we can open ourselves to more of these.

Last week, I watched InnSaei – The Power of Intuition, a documentary on Netflix. Scientists and researchers talk about the human brain and various types of processing. Much of our brain’s processing happens outside of our consciousness. But if we can slow our thinking, paying attention to what’s happening in our bodies and our surroundings, insights emerge apart from conscious, verbal, logical thought.

For instance, think about people who have solved scientific, mathematical, or social problems through their dreams. Intuition works like that but in our waking life too.

So here’s what I’m going to do. This week, I happen to be in a place where I can be outside in nature quite a bit. When I’m not purposefully using words in conversations, reading, or writing, I’m going to try to breathe, slow down my thoughts, and just pay attention.

If I start ruminating on something, no judgment. I’ll just bring myself back to pure noticing.

I’m curious if I might gain some intuitive insights I have yet to imagine.

Want to try it with me?

Renee Roederer

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