HOPE and Resolute Determination

I walked back to my car yesterday after attending an outdoor festival. When I arrived, I discovered that someone had parked absurdly close behind me. It made me laugh aloud. It was clear that the person(s) were trying to fit their whole car in front of a no parking sign. (Side note: They  didn’t even make it. They just ended up as close to me as possible). There was a car parked in front of me too. So now, of course, I had to wonder how on earth I was going to get out of there.

I did the only thing I that would work. I turned on the car, and for a decent amount of time, I inched up and back. . . up and back. . . up and back, cutting the wheels back and forth. I must have done it 20 times.

“There’s a metaphor in here somewhere,” I thought and laughed to myself.

Actually, there are probably a lot of metaphors in there, but this was the one I needed personally:

Renée Roederer, (and anyone else following along) while working and hoping and waiting for necessary change happen, if you get angry and hurt by the setbacks, you don’t have to lose heart. Perhaps it will happen from time to time, but you don’t have to fall to the depths of believing that nothing will change. Nor do you have to imagine worst-case scenarios of what could come next. You stay determined, resolute, and assured that your work toward change, and more importantly, the collective work toward change is truly impacting things, even if they’re not fully fixed or resolved. Keep going. Keep hoping resolutely. Keep that full change in your vision. Keep working for it.

The metaphor I don’t want to live is a life where change happens one inch at a time. No, not that. Sometimes, we need to be bold and push ahead.

But many times, hope works like that. Bit by bit, it works to stay assured, calling us to keep going resolutely.

I want that. Resolute hope and steadfast, come-what-may determination.

Renee Roederer

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