Storied Sounds

Along with about 250 other people, I had the joy of singing Fauré’s Requiem last night. Three times per year, there is a local set of events called the Summer Sings in our town. A conductor leads a rehearsal on a major work for about an hour and a half. Then, after a break, we come back and sing it together.

Fauré’s Requiem is piece I dearly love and one that has a great deal of memories connected to it. Interestingly, during my pastoral years, every church I was a part of had a church choir that sang this work. Three churches. Three tremendous choirs. Three Fauré Requiems. 

I cannot sing this piece without recalling so many people I love in those communities. It’s amazing how music contains sounds that opens stories and storied connections. I’m sure that many others in the room had a similar experience last night as they recalled other performances and the connections they shared with people during those performances.

Music can open holy narratives of memory and connection. Are there particular forms of music that bring you into these kinds of memories and connections? Perhaps you can give yourself the gift to find that music and play it, allowing yourself to remember belonging, purpose, meaning, and fun.

Music connects across time, making memories and the storied connections of communities quite present.

Renee Roederer

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