What If We Change a Rhythm?


This month, I decided to try something new. With the exception of yesterday (because the news was definitely not a nothing burger) I’ve been engaging a new rhythm where I only check Facebook twice per day — once in the morning and once in the evening.

This shift has changed lot for me. I have discovered that. . .

1) I’m still informed about things happening in our world,
2) I’m still connected to people (in fact, I have increased my personal connections)
3) I’m less anxious,
4) I’m more reflective,
4) I’m more focused,
5) I’m more active (including in activism; this new rhythm is not escapism)
6) I’m more productive, and
7) I’m more purposeful.

And I’m happier. I feel more joy.

And frankly, there is more time— for purposeful reflection, solidarity work, in-depth exploration of social concerns, vocational projects, phone conversations with friends, being nature, and . . . whatever else calls to me. There’s more energy for these too.

And I still feel connected to what’s happening with friends on Facebook. I’m just choosing a rhythm where I spend less time there over all. In fact, I really look forward to checking twice a day. There’s more anticipation to see what those notifications have been all about.

I don’t say any of this in a prescriptive way for anyone else. This rhythm need not be anyone else’s rhythm. But it has been a good example that one shift can change and free up a lot.

So I wonder, is there a new rhythm you’d like explore? I wonder, what might be possible if you try it out?

Renee Roederer

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