Straight from the Vine


“I can do that right now. . . Straight from the vine.

This thought suddenly emerged in my mind. So with a skip in my step, I just went and did it.

Without a second thought, I stepped out my back door, walked right up next to the plant, and received a new tomato. Straight off the vine. I held it in my hands, tenderly touching the texture of its skin – smooth with a thin layer of dirt. I breathed in its scent, smelling the perfect blend of summer and soil.

I stepped back inside, washed it, and then. . .

I tasted it.

I. tasted. it. 

And it was glorious. The vibrancy of its flavor. The immediacy of its availability. The connection to the earth. The recognition of life.

And that’s honestly how I felt in a tiny, summer gesture: Alive.

This made me wonder. . . how many other moments of life might be cultivated today? Straight off the vine?

Laughter with a friend . . .
straight to the source of connection.

Tears shed for others . . .
straight to the source of solidarity.

The emergence of a new question. . .
straight to the source of calling.

The refusal to be a bystander. . .
straight to the source of communal action.

The determination to choose aliveness. . .
straight to the Source of Life,
The Ground of Being.

All of these. . . and more.

What else? What might we cultivate on this day?

Renee Roederer


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