You Are Special. So Is This Day.


Many people are familiar with Fred Rogers’ opening song on Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.

Won’t you please?
Won’t you please?
Please won’t you be my neighbor?

But are you also familiar with his closing song?

If it’s been a while, I invite you to have a watch: It’s Such a Good Feeling. Every single day, Fred Rogers closed his show by saying words like these:

“You always make each day so special. You know how? By just you’re being you. Only one person in the whole world like you! That’s you yourself. I’ll be back next time!”

I know we’re all adults, but maybe we need to hear that again. Frankly, I think we always need to hear such encouraging words, experiencing our value as it is mirrored and modeled to us in relationships. Plus, it’s flat out true. You are the only person in the whole world just like you, and honestly, that’s pretty incredible.

So here we are on a new day.

When we begin a new day, we can dedicate ourselves to it. Likewise, we can dedicate that day toward ourselves and others, prepared to live it in community and learn from what it reveals. And we can commit to sharing the truth of the worth and value found within our neighbors.

Now maybe all of this seems remarkably trite or just too simple in a world that feels particularly fraught right now. I don’t doubt that the world and its challenges are quite complicated. But even though it may be more complex than this, it’s also never not about this:

You matter.
Our neighbors matter.

So how will you live this day?

Renee Roederer


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