The God of Dreams

Last week, we said this. . .

“Our aliveness — our dreams, our connections, and the callings which fuel us — can be some of the best gifts we offer our neighbors. They are ripe for collective change.

So whatever it is. . .
that dream,
that hope,
that longing,
that resource,
that gift,
that ability which comes so easily that you forget it’s special,

Keep doing it.”

This is something I very much believe. Alongside the painful news stories, large looming questions, and occasional waves of despair happening in our world, I sometimes say to myself, “The God of Dreams.”

“The God of Dreams. . . The God of Dreams. . .” I repeat it to myself to remember, especially if I’m feeling overwhelmed in it all. Because deep down, alongside all the challenges, I still believe there is inspiration beyond us, and it is always meeting with us. It is always finding us because that’s how God is. Beyond my full understanding, I believe this within myself. Other things are possible because we are being called into new ideas and visions.

They will find us. Especially if we begin to seek them out.

Part of the reason I say this phrase to myself — “The God of Dreams” — is because over the last three years, I’ve seen what has happened in the story below. Do you need a little inspiration today? Listen to Ben Johnston-Krase and Allen Brimer talk about Farm Church.

Farm Church is a church that meets on a farm and leverages all of the resources of that farm to address food insecurity. And it all started with a dream in the middle of the night.

The God of Dreams.

In this video, unfortunately, Ben and Allen’s names are both misspelled, and at a couple of points, they are switched. Allen is on the left; Ben is on the right.

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