My friend Jennifer Pollard takes care of all the jazz musicians in our town.

It’s a beautiful calling that she has. She promotes all of their concerts. In fact, she created a hub for it – a Facebook page that is always spotlighting the work of local artists. She attends these concerts herself and thoroughly enjoys the music.

But this is much deeper than a logistical calling — organizing invitations, etc. It’s a spiritual calling. My friend is very intentional in her relational support with local jazz artists. She has created deep friendships with musicians. She can be trusted, and people confide in her. They can laugh together. With her, they can talk about their own callings too.

Jennifer Pollard says she takes great care to support local musicians because “they are conduits.” She holds a deep belief that these gifted, local artists lift us to something higher and more meaningful in their music. So Jennifer tries to be present to their needs and support them in any way she can. She wants to lift them up and help them be exactly who they are.


Because Jennifer uses this language a lot, so I also find myself thinking about it when I watch local musicians play. Then, I think about the ways we are all often conduits toward something higher and more meaningful. We participate in that kind of sharing all the time. It’s beautiful.

Well, last night, in that spirit, something very special happened.

Jennifer performed. Last night, along with bassist Eric Nachtrab and guitarist Alex Anest (they were both amazing) Jennifer sang jazz, and she was incredible! Such a gorgeous voice. . . soulful, fun, spirited, reflective. It seemed like she had been doing this all her life. Amazing.

When she came over to me during a short break, I had the pleasure of saying, “You’re the conduit tonight,” which, of course, was completely true. She was a conduit, soulful and alive.

And with her, we rose to the same.

Renee Roederer


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