We Can Choose Peace Over Productivity


Once more, I’m mindful of the impacts of the Me Too conversations happening on social media this week. In the midst of them, perhaps it is important to remind ourselves,

We can choose peace over productivity.

In fact, there may be a number of situations and contexts where we need to hear such freedom.

We really can choose peace over productivity.

We have constructed our culture in such a way (in fact, this is part of the Patriarchal way of organizing ourselves, and it hurts people of all genders) to value productivity above much else — including our own wellbeing and the wellbeing of our neighbors.

When we are hurting, how often do internalized messages bubble up to the surface, conveying. . . ?

“Come on. Get on with it.”

“This isn’t as bad as what ________ experienced. Why can’t I get anything done?”

“I don’t have time to think about this. I have so much to do.”

“Look competent.”

“Get it together.”

These are self-critical messages in contexts where our productivity and our constructed image are viewed more highly than our true selves and our need for wholeness.

Well, guess what matters more?

You — the real you — and your wholeness.

We can choose peace over productivity.

So what space do you need today?

Renee Roederer



One thought on “We Can Choose Peace Over Productivity

  1. Yes, I agree. So much of one’s worth seems predicated on productive success. I have been preaching about simplicity and having ‘enough’, but that is not a middle class perspective of being satisfied with more than most people in the world have.
    Having enough is a mindset, not necessarily an economic reality. If I can feel I have enough in all circumstances I don’t beat myself up with those ‘failure head voices’. If I can be satisfied with enough –again, not necessarily an economic reality– then I can embrace myself as BEING enough. Lot more to this line of thought but this is the thumbnail version.


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