To Live in Kinship Also

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten we belong to one another. – Mother Theresa

We do belong to one another.

At times, we forget this to our collective diminishment. But there is never a moment when it is untrue. Perhaps we need to rekindle this awareness in ourselves, particularly in an era that so often denies belonging and worth.

Last night at Canterbury House, we held an All Saints remembrance. We sang Taize choruses and surrounded ourselves with photos of loved ones —

people who have died,

people we admire yet never met,

people who make up our Family of Choice.

This is Kinship. We really belong to one another. 

A friend of mine recently lifted up a recognition about the All Saints celebration, particularly as it is practiced by Protestants: There is no great expectation about who these saints are or have to be. In fact, some of those expectations fall away. They are “family, friends, mentors teachers, coworkers, pastors, anyone.” Biological ties are less important. Class and status are less important. Everyone belongs. Everyone is a part of the Great Cloud of Witnesses.

Last night, I surrounded myself with people who have been to me parents, siblings, and children, something I rarely get to celebrate and honor so publicly, because everyone would look and assume – not connected, not related.

But in Nurture-Kinship, we are. 

And in Christian Communion, we are. And in the Great Cloud of Witnesses, we are. And in Shared Humanity, we are.

And this matters so much.

We do belong to one another. Let’s remember and celebrate.

Renee Roederer

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