To Live Now Also



If you’re anything like me, you are at times, bandied about by time.

Perhaps moments from the past shape present anxieties. Or they may reach even further and send our minds into a fearful, imagined future. We can easily move back and forth through time without being fully present to the moment and hand.

But what would happen if we were more fully present?  To the moment at hand?

What if we paid attention?

What if small moments opened up gratitude for us?

What if daily life and routines could be experienced in such a way that they become the anchor to connection? That is, if they allow what is in front of us to remind us of our loved ones? Or inspire us to what is larger — perhaps even a calling, large or small?

The present moment is here to shape and guide us in our thinking, feeling, living, dreaming, and connecting. So what if we focused more deeply upon it?

Someone I know is calling this month Nowvember. I love that. Today is Nowvember 10th. What can we experience within it?

Renee Roederer

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