The Daily Joys of a Geezer Millennial


“We’re Geezer Millennials,” I said last night, pointing to Ian and me as we sat around a table with students.

This came up first when we were talking about age, and then later, when we were dating some old shows and video games — that is, if or when we knew about them as children. In all of this, when I used this silly, self-descriptive term, I was conveying that we are in fact, among the very oldest Millennials. My high school graduating class in 2000 helped give this generation its name: We initiated the bracketing.

I’m still relatively young, but I don’t consider myself to be a ‘young adult’ anymore. (Unless, perhaps, you’re in the Presbyterian world, where anyone under 50 is considered a young adult. The PC(USA) has its own version of dog years, but in reverse: Maybe every 7 years only equals 1?)

At age 36, I lapped adulthood this year.  This means I am also double the age of a college freshman.

And friends, I love all of this.

Last night, I told this table of people that hardly a day goes by when I don’t think about how much I love being in my mid-30s. This is true. This is one of the fullest, most meaningful eras of my life so far, and it is, in part, connected to age.

It’s this sense that if I’m fortunate to live a long time, I still have a lot ahead of me. But I have some significance behind me too. I have lived a lot. I even have some wisdom to share. (Still much to learn though!)

And I have the opportunity to keep doing what I’ve been doing now for more than a decade – cultivating intentional, nurturing space for young adults – but now, I get to do it with more age. This has always been a rich life-calling, but it just keeps getting richer.

And in all of this, a particular joy finds me on an everyday basis. This is my deepest joy as a Geezer Millennial: I know a large number of young adults who now live all over the place — people with whom I am inextricably linked in community and kinship; people who are doing amazing things with their lives —

They live in 3 nations,
and at least 14 states (hopefully, I didn’t miscount those)

I’ve known some of them for a couple of years,
and some for more than a decade (by the way, this is astonishing to me)

I’m in touch with them regularly. And every single day, at least one of them says something so loving, caring, compassionate, and affectionate to me; something so wise; something that teaches me about life; something that speaks to the particularity of their being and calling in the world.

Do you know how lucky I am to experience and hear these things every single day?

This is undoubtedly one of the reasons I love my mid-30s so much. I keep having this experience and marveling about how rich it is.

Ah, the daily joys of a Geezer Millennial. . . This keeps getting broader; this keeps growing deeper.

Renee Roederer

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