The Gift of Being Deeply Known

Yesterday, I called one of my most beloved people and named an anxiety I was carrying. It wasn’t a major worry, certainly not a crisis. But I needed to hear myself say it, especially in the presence of someone who loves me, so that I could release it. Sometimes, we need this.

So I sent him a text and said:

“I’m going to call and leave you a message. No need to pick up.”

I knew I could drop it off, and that would have been enough.

But he did answer. And I did get to say what I needed to say. And the conversation turned into a wonderful pep talk with his encouragement.

But what was perhaps most meaningful, was that after I said a little bit of what I needed to say, when he added his encouragement, he sort of expanded what my anxiety was about before I even had to say it. Because this is a person who knows me very deeply.

And I found myself pondering once more what a gift that is.

We all need people who really know us, deep down – our stories, our patterns, our gifts, our triggers, our personalities, our wonkiness, our particular-ness, our belovedness -people who love us through and through.

We all need that.

Yesterday, I felt really lucky.

Renee Roederer

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