Social Media Fast

I’m going to take a social media fast today.

These days, I have created some personal rhythms for checking social media. I want to be informed and connected; I do not want to be constantly immersed.

In other words, I want to remain hopeful (not pie in sky unrealistic, but genuinely hopeful) and active in those connections. I want to know what’s happening in our world and in our neighborhood, including how people feel about it. And… I do not want to become so bogged down that I find myself shutting down, either becoming completely overwhelmed or totally numb to it all.

This is a hard line to walk sometimes. It’s not predictable or cut and dry. I think we have to listen to our bodies, prioritizing care of ourselves and each other.

After all, no community or cause is helped by me sitting at home, constantly refreshing newsfeeds, deeply caring about what I’m reading, but unable to do anything in the precise moment except grow overwhelmingly anxious.

This reduces mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual resources. Our bodies matter. Our resources for our communities matter.

So it’s okay sometimes to step away from social media. It can help us refresh personally and connect in ways that remain hopeful and active.

I’m taking that fast today, and while I do it, I want to focus more deeply on becoming centered — for my often anxious body, for my often anxious community.

Renee Roederer

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