Trying New Things: Following the Leads


Follow the leads. This is my number one philosophy right now.

It’s also describes my primary rhythm of practices. I’ve done this before in other endeavors, but in this chapter, I’m being even more intentional in living this way as I try to initiate what I feel called to create.

This photo above is my raggedy-looking “leads journal.” It’s different than a bullet journal, though it does log what I’ve done and what I aspire to do. Most of all, it includes lists of discernment in which I ask myself things like, “What’s the next step with this task?” or “Who should I contact next?” or “How do I follow up on that idea someone gave me?”

I am doing this in connection to all areas of my work, including,

Michigan Nones and Dones,
Community Chaplaincy,
Campus Ministry (both chaplaincy and the new undergraduate community I want to create),
How to fund these things™ (a constant challenge; another blog post about that later)

I believe in the Follow the Leads philosophy. First of all, it helps you think about possibilities. Second of all (though maybe this is first of all, at least in terms of priority) these possibilities are created through relationships and conversations in community. In other words, they are revealed in community.

Perhaps most of all, I just trust it.

I trust it because I’ve seen what can happen when people are committed to following “every thread of every conversation,” as Ben Johnston-Krase and Allen Brimer mention here in this video. Following a dream (including literally) Ben and Allen helped that dream become concrete as they followed the leads that were placed before them, resulting in a “church that meets on a farm and leverages all the resources of that farm to address food insecurity.” (To learn more about Farm Church, visit

But also, I trust it because… what else can you do? When trying new things, certain aspects are hard. For me, funding is an ever-present challenge. At this point, if I don’t have the answers, maybe I just need to trust that a follow-the-leads strategy will reveal them.

If God and the community have placed a calling in your bones, surely there are ways to make that calling emerge concretely, and surely there are ways to make it sustainable too.

So, I’m going to follow the leads.

Renee Roederer

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