Every Moment is a Culmination of Moments


Over the weekend, J.J. STARK BLIMP JR. held a wedding in the little town of Albert, Texas. (J.J. STARK BLIMP JR. is the very silly and wonderful acronym created from the first names of our incredible group of friends). K of that acronym got married, and it was absolutely lovely. We all had a really good time at a Texas dance hall, and dance, we did.

During the ceremony itself, the officiant called me forward to give a prayer and blessing. But… I hadn’t received notice that I had a part in the wedding. So I had to wing it. This was no one’s fault; K had sent out information about this, but unbeknownst to us, that info kept going to the wrong email address. Fortunately, the moment of winging it worked.

When in doubt, call attention to the moment, I thought.

I invited us to give thanks for every moment large and small that had led to the one we were now experiencing together — moments of time, memories, and community. I invited us to give thanks for the love between the couple and the love among the community gathered. Suddenly, one moment felt abundant with other moments and many loving connections present in the room.

And I share this today as a reminder, both to myself and anyone reading, that every single moment (not just a super significant one like a wedding) is a culmination of other moments. There is something quite beautiful about this.

Because goodness knows, it is easy to project a sense of anxiety onto the future, wondering if less is possible than we might desire. But when we shift our attention backwards, thinking about everything that has led to any given moment we experience, we soon discover that our moments are connected to a myriad of other moments, and they are abundantly peopled.

This means that we have resources wherever we are. This means that even during trying or painful times, we are accompanied.

Renee Roederer

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