I love LOOKITs


Kiddos delight in calling for our attention because in the moment of being seen — “Lookit me do this!” — they get to witness us delighting in them.

And I’m convinced that adults never outgrow this need. Far from it. It just changes form. That being said, it can still stay playful too.

I have many people to whom I send my own versions of LOOKITs. These often emerge in photos and texts. I especially love connecting with my elders about moments that energized me.

“Can you believe this happened?”

“Lookit this wonderful photo from today.”

“Can I tell you a story? I want to tell you something I learned.”

And truly, one of my very favorite things about the rhythm of my life is that I receive a plethora of LOOKITs. I bet you receive them all the time too. They come almost every day. I love them.

Just this weekend, I rejoiced during the occasion to learn about someone’s new job offer and received a bunch of photos of folks’ joy, including a photo of beloved couple who just thought they looked cute in a particular moment together (and they did! “Put this pic on the fridge!” they said) And yesterday, I received a banjo serenade of the Michigan fight song over the phone (Well done!)

I love the daily LOOKITs. I love their variety.

I love that there are so many occasions to delight in one another; I love that there are so many occasions to see ourselves seen with delight.

Renee Roederer

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