Late in Life Siblings

I grew up as an only child and always wanted a sibling. I never received one in its most traditional form, but good things also come to those who wait.

Today, I spotlight three late in life siblings who gift me so much just by being who they are. All three of these relationships carry depth and meaning; we can talk about things that matter for a long time. But I especially want to lift this up today: These late in life siblings bring me the joy of utter silliness.

So much silliness! I laugh constantly with all three of these people. This, I think, is what it must feel like to have siblings as playmates, but as adults.

— Cody is my first cousin and functionally, very much my brother. It’s wonderful to have so much shared history together. We also have many shared interests. And we have our own style of humor that seems to build upon itself endlessly with a plethora of ongoing, imaginative inside jokes. We crack each other up in a way that is particular to each other. Our spouses, who love us deeply, don’t always think we’re as funny we tend to find each other. (It’s okay. We’re amused on our own. And we love our spouses deeply too, who are also quite funny in their own ways).

— Lindsey is my sister-in-law, and she absolutely hilarious to be around. I think Lindsey laughs harder and more often than anyone I know. When you’re around her, you feel like you’re really funny. I especially love spending time with her and Ian together. Earlier this year, she came to visit, and one night, we laughed harder than I’ve laughed all year. Maybe in multiple years. I will never forget how wonderful that felt.

— Ben is my bop friend. We all need that friend we can bop around with — you know, the one we can simply call and say, “What are you doing right now? Do you want to….?” Once when Ben and I were at same dinner, multiple people looked at us at the end of the night, and said, “Oh, this whole time, I thought the two of you were related!” So now, two only children have declared themselves to be siblings by choice. We also have a growing anthology of inside jokes, often built upon stories we’ve told each other.

These three are such a joy. I’ve always wanted this.

Renee Roederer

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