Tenderness is my focus-word for 2019. Isn’t that a lovely thing to think about? A year with more tenderness in it?

People showing each other kindness, love, gentleness, care, and focused gratitude with intentionality? Giving this on purpose? Receiving this often because there is an abundance of it, even in the midst of its opposites?

I want to cultivate this. I want to look for this. I want to welcome this into my own life.

Over the last six weeks or so, when people have shared kind words, I’ve written them down. They live in this purple folder I have. I’ve loved this practice because I’ve realized how easy it is to miss these kinds of words, even though they come pretty often. It’s also so lovely and affirming to read them all in one place.

I hope that your year has more tenderness in it too.

If you were to choose a focus-word, what might yours be?

Renee Roederer

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