The New Day


I love this cartoon by Bjenny Montero. I highly recommend following more here.

A friend of mine recently initiated a fun and silly exchange on Facebook. In light of the New Year’s holiday, she invited people to use the predictive text features on their phones to answer a particular prompt. She invited people to type, “This year, I will…” then to keep pushing the middle suggested word on the auto-fill, predictive text until it finished the sentence. Some of the answers were really great:

“This year I will get more snow.”

“This year I will get my car in the morning so I’ll be home.”

“This year I will be gone Monday, heading to the church.”

I decided I would try. Mine said,

“This year, I will be well today.” And I authentically love that! Every day is a new day, and while all sorts of concepts around that idea might sound like hokey, inspirational posters, we begin again… all the time. Daily. We can choose wellness, aliveness, vitality, purpose, calling, connection, groundedness, centeredness, and rootedness again and again, including when we feel as though we’ve gotten off track in some way.



Renee Roederer

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