Two Questions


[Image Description: A welcome mat with the word ‘Welcome’ printed in blue and in all caps. The mat is light brown with vertical stripes of blue, orange, green, and turquoise both above and below the word ‘Welcome.’]

What spaces do you inhabit?

What would it look like if they became more expansive with an even greater sense of welcome?

I am sitting with these questions. Passing them along.

Renee Roederer

One thought on “Two Questions

  1. Renee, there is something a bit strange about your first question in particular. It assumes we exist as objects within a larger space that is separate from us. But we have been interconnected with the world since birth. By the time that we realize that, it means that our ship has already sailed (Kierkegaard) . That is why our decision to not act is a decision as much as our decision to act is–since we are immersed in the world.

    None of us would have survived if we had not been loved by caregivers as newborns. This process approach to life means that we are never simply lost in the universe. For we have been touched by God through our caregivers and other’s love of us. Now that experience which we are grateful for, tells us what is important in life. To become a being of love, irretrievably connected to the universe which we should have gratitude for.

    Now we can make many mistakes in our faulty effort to love others and the world. We must be aware of how we affect others, whether we meant to in some way or other or not. That is never easy because of how much we live cut off from others. Our ignorance of so much, but we have been called to mature and persevere in that effort.


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