How does it change things…?


Public Domain Image.

Image Description: A large number of fireflies are shining their lights in the woods.

Last weekend, 30 people traveled to Ann Arbor from 10 different states to visit us all at once. It was spectacular. Most of us lived in the same place a whole decade ago. Now, we live in a variety of geographical areas, but we’re still connected.

People stayed in AirBnBs and hotels, but most of the weekend was spent hanging out at our house. We shared three meals together at the house as well as some downtime. And then we had a dance party at a local church! It was honestly one of the most meaningful weekends I’ve ever had.

And in light of that, here’s something I’ve been pondering…

How does it change things — specifically, how does it change your living space — after…

… the children have played tag in your backyard?

… a loved one has delighted in the fireflies around your house?

… a loved one has played an instrument on your deck?

… some people who’ve never met realize the connections they share at the kitchen table?

… you’ve closed your eyes, sitting on your deck and marveling that you can hear so many voices of your deepest loves all at once?

It changed me. It has changed our living space.

These days, many of us rightfully ask questions of action: What can I do? What can we do? How can we take action on this need? That need?

These questions and answers are important.

But we should never forget how much impact we have with presence. Our presence changes things — the presence of each of us and all of us collectively.

How do we offer and receive that with intention? How do we marvel when it meets us so meaningfully?

Renee Roederer


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