Holding Each Other in the Light


Image Description: A Green-Blue light shines from inside a glass box lamp. It’s setting on top of a white table next to a green plant in a gray pot.

My friend has a lamp that turns green, pink, or blue. The color of each given moment depends on who last sent well wishes. This lamp is part of a network of relationships.

There are lamps just like it in two other households as well. All three households are separated by distance, but when anyone wants to share, “I’m thinking of you,” or “I’m praying for you,” or “I’m sending you good wishes,” she touches the lamp, and it changes to her particular color. Green is associated with my friend, so when she thinks of the others, she taps the lamp, and the other two households light up with green. When pink or blue comes her way, she knows who has sent goodness in her direction.

There are so many ways we do this for one another invisibly. We may never know how many times a day others think of us, pray for us, or wish us goodness. But it certainly happens. And we do the same toward others, sometimes with deliberate intention, and sometimes passively, yet still meaningfully.

Quakers have a phrase for this: Holding each other in the light.

I thought of this phrase as soon as I saw my friend’s lamp. It seemed to be a tangible, visible expression of this way of living.

Wherever I am and however I am, and
Wherever you are and however you are,
I hope we all sense this energy today.

Renee Roederer



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