Image Description: A bitmoji of Renee, riding a unicorn! Above is a rainbow, and within it, the text says, “Have a Magical Birthday!”

Yesterday was my birthday, and wow — I mean, WOW — community came through in such an expression of love and connection. With a lot of gratitude, I have been so moved by it.

Social media birthdays are fun because they allow you to have a full day of connection with people from the many chapters of your life. Knowing this birthday was around the corner, the day before, I asked people in the social media-sphere if they would share with me a memory we have together, either meaningful or funny. And all day long on my birthday, both privately and publicly, I received the gift of kind words and memories. Some made me teary, and some made me laugh. They all made me smile.

Then… picking up on it, I was completely surprised to discover that my colleagues across the country started a thread within Young PC(USA) Leaders, the Facebook group I help administer, to give me the exact same gift. You know how you can be so floored by something that you feel a little shy? I skimmed this thread yesterday because I was so overwhelmed (in a good sense); today, will read it closely and meaningfully.

Everyone should deserve to feel this celebrated. I will pay it forward for sure.

And in person, the day was great too!


I made myself aloo matar, one of my very favorite dishes.


I ate a cake pop with the amazing N.J. Phillips.


Transformed my hair…


… into a cool haircut…


… thanks to the amazing talents of Sierra Smith.


And I had dessert…


… with my friend Blair Buckley.

WOW. What a day.

Renee Roederer

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