Metanoia: What Newness Is Seeking You?


Image Description: A latte in a cup on top of a brown plate on top of a brown table. The foam in the cup is shaped like a flower.

This week, I’m pondering the word metanoia, the ancient Greek word often translated as ‘repent.’ Among other things, it means a turn, an expansion of the mind, an opening of new possibilities.

There are times when life seems to rhyme.

Two Saturdays ago, I gathered with people at Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea in Ypsilanti, Michigan. We pushed tables together in the back of the space, and we sat there together, sipping coffee, eating scones, and sharing in conversation. We had just passed into a new year, so we explored the topic of newness and the ways that is developing in our lives.

This is the same coffee shop, the same tables, and the same conversation topic that launched the Michigan Nones and Dones community in January of 2016.

Now we were here four years later with the same community vision, doing it all over again. One of our participants had been in both conversations. The others were new.

These are the questions we asked together in conversation:

— What newness do you seek? What newness seems to be seeking you?

These are questions of metanoia — transformation and possibility.

And so I offer those questions to you as well:

What newness do you seek?
What newness seems to be seeking you?

What is goodness is growing in your heart and mind?
What is summoning you toward wholeness?
What calling is emerging?

Renee Roederer

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