Image Description: Two hands are cupped together in the shape of a heart to frame the sun in the sky. Public domain image.

This week, all of my pieces have been based on the theme of light.

Keeping that theme going, my good friend, the Rev. Allison Becker, has been writing a lot of poetry lately that I find to be touching and powerful. I shared one of her pieces a couple weeks ago, and with her permission, I’m sharing this one as well. You can find more of her work at Light the Lamp.


Find the one

Who will not be appalled

By your dragon scales

But who also knows you

Weren’t made to wear them

Who champions your

Shedding endeavour

Holding up the lamp to see

Who will rub ointment

On the wounds beneath

Who walks with you

And removes the barbs


Find the the one

Who reminds you:

You are underneath





Meant a dove

Not a dragon


Find the one

committed to

Their own



In the pure


Of truth

And who remains


Until healed

And free


Find the one

Settling not

for distortions

Or lies

About self

Or other


Find the one

Who runs

After the


Until both are free

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