Simple Truth, Big Invitation


Image Description: The front of a program, entitled “Voices of Youth: Love Draws Us Together.” It also gives the date and time: “February 16th 4pm (Doors open at 3:30pm).”Symbols from various faith traditions surround these words in the shape of a heart. Below is a paragraph that reads, “The Interfaith Round Table of Washtenaw County is a spiritually based alliance of people from across the spectrum of faith who come together to highlight our commonalities and explore issues with the potential to be divisive. Our intention is to lift up our beauty and illuminate places where there are misconceptions. Respect and understanding are our shared vision of healing a broken world. In safe places, through education, frank discussion, and shared practices, we seek to build sustainable bridges. The harmonious culture we seek is one that is inclusive and deeply appreciative of spiritual traditions.”

Simple truth, big invitation.

I find myself reflecting on this one day later.

Yesterday afternoon, the Interfaith Round Table of Washtenaw County hosted a choir concert featuring performances from four children and youth choirs representing a variety of faith traditions. Children and youth from the Baha’is of Washtenaw County, the Chinmaya Mission of Ann Arbor, St. Paul United Church of Christ, and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints all performed songs based on the concert theme of “Love Draws Us Together.”

The kids were incredible, and they led the way. They brought home that theme of love and made it come alive. There were feelings of love in the room, along with support, encouragement, and delight. The audience ended up singing along a lot too. So there was an invitation to join the music and participate fully.

Love draws us together.

This is a simple truth, but a big invitation.

Love isn’t only a feeling.

Love invites action.
Love invites tangible care.
Love invites mutual understanding.
Love invites dignified appreciation.
Love invites respect.

Love takes risks.
Love works through conflict.
Love stretches us toward empathy.

Love invites questions:

Who am I called to be, and how? Who are we called to be, and how?

Renee Roederer

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