Abundance Through Friends


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My Easter evening began with a big bummer.

Last Monday, I placed an order for grocery delivery. It’s hard to get one scheduled at all, so I did this at 3am, and that seemed to work. When completing the order, the sole option was flexible scheduling. My groceries would be delivered sometime between Wednesday and Sunday. I was glad.

As Sunday approached, I was on the last day of the window, so I knew this was the one. With eagerness, I looked forward to this delivery throughout the day. I’ve had so little contact with the outside world, so it’s kind of nice when people drop off food. Even though I know what’s going to be in those bags on my porch, it feels like a total surprise has arrived. I am manufacturing surprise! (And with great gratitude for the workers too. We should tip them big).

I am slightly embarrassed to say this, but it’s funny, so I’ll share anyway. I was so eager for this grocery delivery, that at one point, I started singing that goofy song from The Music Man around the house:

“Oh ho, the Wells Fargo wagon is a comin’ down the street! Oh please let it be for meeeeeeee!”

(Sidenote: I completely forgot Ron Howard was in this, and while watching the video, that made me laugh).

As the evening approached, I especially anticipated the Easter treats I ordered for myself. I was looking forward to one item in particular: Cookies and Cream Ice Cream. My favorite. And I hadn’t had any ice cream in a long time.

But then at 5:30pm, I got a text and an email:
Your order has been canceled.

Not delayed, but canceled.

Fortunately, I’ve been freezing some food here and there as I’ve been cooking, so I have more to eat while I figure out something else. But I was bummed. Things are difficult for stores and workers right now, so it’s very understandable. But…
Big Easter Bummer.

I shared this with a group of good friends on our collective Slack channel, and right away, I got a call from one of them. She lives 1200+ miles away in Houston, and she said, “Can I buy you dinner tonight? I’d really like to do that.”

One of my best friends, all the way in Texas, had dinner delivered to my doorstep in Ann Arbor — not because I was totally out of food but simply because she wanted to do it. I was so touched. This was an even better surprise than the one I tried to manufacture for myself. First and foremost, I appreciated the surprise of her kindness, but also… she surprised me with four huge cookies in the bag!

Without naming her, I posted this story on Facebook, and then, less than an hour later, I found even more abundance in my friendships.

I heard my doorbell ring. “Who could that be?” I thought as I looked out the window. When I saw more food on my doorstep, I knew exactly who it could be because this couple had once delivered Christmas cookies to me in the same way. I looked up, and I was right. There he was getting in his car. He saw the Facebook post and came right over.

And… he brought the item I had told no one about.

On my doorstep, there was a container of glorious, homemade cookies and cream ice cream.

Friends are a miracle.

Renee Roederer

4 thoughts on “Abundance Through Friends

  1. It is amazing how much we can learn trust and experience joy in the midst of “not” having our plans unfold according to our expectations!! Horay for ice cream!❤️ Sharyn


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