It’s Okay to Need Help

It’s okay to need help — from professionals, from each other.

I’ve been saying this a lot, but it may be a reminder we need: We are living a time of collective trauma. And some of us have also experienced previous, additional traumas, recent or long ago. There is no doubt that this time of pandemic is stirring up challenges for our minds, emotions, and bodies.

We can be gentle with ourselves.
We can seek help.

Here are two images from The Real Depression Project. I posted these recently on Facebook and Instagram, and folks shared that they found them to be helpful.


This one says,

Why People with Depression Become Numb:

-To protect themselves (from constant negative emotions)
-They become desensitized from their own suffering
-Drained from fighting a war in their head 24/7

-Depression makes you less engaged (and reactive) in the present moment
-Depression puts a forcefield between the person and pleasure

This is why you can’t just “snap out of it.”


What PTSD Looks Like

– Avoiding thinking of the trauma
– Flashbacks
– Cannot concentrate
– Negative Thinking
– Sleeping Difficulty
– Feeling guilt or shame
– Always on guard
– Loss of interest
– Bad dreams

Also, I have some life experience with this myself, so if anyone needs to chat about what you’re experiencing, feel free to send me a message. ❤️ You’re not alone. (Even if you’re physically alone).

I’ll say it again:

It’s okay to need help — from professionals, from each other.
Please reach out and get help.

Renee Roederer

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