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A post about receiving.

This is Pushy.

Pushy is my lovely little handpush lawnmower pictured above. I’ve been using Pushy in the late fall and then again in the early spring. I really enjoy mowing the lawn with Pushy. But… summer is upon us, and… Pushy is no longer getting the job done.

I have a gas mower too (not named) but it’s not working because the pull cord gets stuck. It’s not so easy to take it to get it fixed right now, so after struggling with Pushy this morning, I wrote a social media post asking people for recommendations of who I might pay to mow the lawn with their own equipment.

But nope. At least not this time. My friends called me and said, “We’re gonna do it tonight.”

They did, and the yard looks amazing.


Then… a few hours after posting about Pushy, my doorbell rang. I’m very close to my former students from my years in Texas. Three of them have been each other’s best friends for more than a decade, and the four of us always have a group text going. They recently gave me a gift certificate for food delivery from this incredible meal prep place in Ann Arbor. They just wanted to show me kindness. When that doorbell rang, there were all my meals for a week. What a gift!


Then… a few hours later, a very beloved, recent graduate from the University of Michigan came over because she personally baked me a loaf of sourdough bread. It’s so soft and delicious, and it meant a lot to me. It’s fluffy and tasty!


Then… a few hours later, I was starting a work call. Thankfully, I had my phone on mute while the group was talking because my doorbell rang. Who could that be? I wondered. There was an Amazon Prime delivery on my doorstep. I knew I didn’t order it. What’s in that package? It was UNICORN SLIPPERS. The note said, “Thought you needed these to properly quarantine. From Guess Who.”



That is a day full of receiving. Big receiving. Absurdly abundant receiving.

And it’s not like this every single day. I have lots of days feeling more alone or discouraged than I want to feel. But goodness, this is all lovely.

And it’s a reminder that we all have big and small thoughtful things to provide for each other. We can offer our resources and time (like bringing over a mower), or we can send a text to someone who keeps popping into our mind. We can help people know we’re thinking of them and caring for them.

I spent four hours on the phone today, adding support to individuals and groups. I know everyone doesn’t have that energy for this. I do. I can provide that and allow people to receive from it.

And I keep receiving. Like dang, so much.

Renee Roederer

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