I am 38, Going on 39 (and…)

The Hills are Alive' - The Sound of Music - YouTube

Image Description: Julie Andrews twirls as Maria in the midst of the mountains.

… I finally watched the Sound of Music. For the first time.

Yes, yes, I know.

During this pandemic, I’ve started doing something fun with someone. We have this ritual that we call Surprise TV. She picks something for us to watch, and I don’t know what it will be until we sync up our computers and… surprise!

For years, I’ve loved shocking people by telling them that I’ve never seen The Sound of Music. But with Surprise TV, she got me. We started it up, and the hills were allliiiiiiive!

I watched it. All three hours of it. And I live-tweeted my reactions. You can see those here:

Renee Roederer



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