“Insight Is Tied To Urgency”

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Image: Five light bulbs are hanging down in front of a blue background. From left to right, four of the lightbulbs are hanging straight down. The fifth and last lightbulb is swinging out as if it’s about to hit the remaining four and catalyze movement in them. Public domain image.

My friend and colleague Allen Brimer recently said this phrase during a sermon:

“Insight is tied to urgency.”

Isn’t that true?

When insight comes —
when the fog lifts,
when the unknown reveals itself, or
when the possibility emerges —
there is urgency to
make a change, and
(re)/align ourselves with particular priorities.

When we know differently, we are summoned to act differently.
And often, there is urgency to this.

And likewise, isn’t the reverse true as well?

“Urgency is tied to insight.”

Sometimes, insight is hidden until urgent conditions emerge.

Urgency arrives,
and we cannot stay in the same
frame of mind,
space of heart, or
orientation of action (or inaction).

We simply cannot stay where we are.
New insight comes.
It changes us.

These things are connected,
insight to urgency, and
urgency to insight.
They unfold layer upon layer with each other.

Renee Roederer

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