The Spiritual Practice of Abundance

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This summer, the Michigan Nones and Dones community is exploring spiritual values and practices, and we’re applying them to commitments of anti-racism. We’re also asking ourselves: As we think about our religious/spiritual upbringing, what did we learn about these values? What do we want to shed? What do we want to retain? What do we want to deepen or take on in a new way?

We recently held a conversation about the spiritual practice of abundance. We asked, “How is abundance a spiritual practice?”

With permission, I am sharing our answers.

As a spiritual practice, abundance is…

1) a mindset of possibility,
2) a sense that community can be expansive,
3) vulnerability that leads toward freedom,
4) love and the overflowing feelings of caring for one another,
5) expansive support,
6) the Holy Spirit that pervades everything in our world in a limitless way,
7) receiving and receptiveness,
8) resources that should be shared and can be shared,
9) connections to gratitude,
10) a sense of being together, including being together while we go through difficulty,
11) awareness of the challenge that some have less than what they need and how we need to change that,
12) recognition and noticing of what we have even in the midst of challenge and hardships,
13) expansive belonging and chosen family,
14) a reconsideration of what is actually needed in our lives versus wasn’t isn’t needed,
15) a connection to creativity, and
16) openness to using language in new and creative ways.

What would you add? And as you think about abundance in these directions, how can these move us toward anti-racist thought, imagination, and action?

Renee Roederer

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