What’s the Opposite of Kairos?

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What’s the opposite of Kairos?

This question keeps swirling around in my mind and heart.

When I think about the vision of my Christian tradition and my own mystic, spiritual leanings, I love the multifaceted concept of time and the ways that time impacts reality and how we make meaning.

So what’s Kairos?

In the Greek New Testament, there are two words for time, and they have different meanings (I’m going somewhere we this).

— One is ‘chronos.’ This is the linear way of thinking of time, and it’s the way we most conceive of time as well. We find ourselves in a specific moment, surrounded by a sequence of minutes, hours, days, years, and more.

— Then, there’s ‘kairos.’ This is a beautiful concept. Kairos is fulfillment-time breaking into our everyday, mundane lives. If we were to think about what is most true, most beautiful, most abundant, most hopeful, most connectional and most fulfilling — the ways things should be — that is Kairos time. And there are moments when we marvel at how things have come together or how they reveal what is most full and beautiful. In this framework, the most sacred possibility is a unit of time that breaks into our chronos, everyday linear living. It is a moment in which fulfillment manifests itself.

But what’s the opposite of Kairos?

Because do we feel that sometimes?

I do.
I feel it right now in these days that I am living.
I feel it right now these days that we are living.

If Kairos is the realest-real, the truest-true, and the-way-things-should-be made manifest,

…aren’t there also moments when the non-real, the falsest-false, and the-way-things-shouldn’t-be are made manifest? Do these not also take form? Do these not also break into our chronos, everyday linear living?

Of course they do.

Falsehood made manifest.

Non-reality (false narratives, untruths, distortions) taking shape and entering our daily reality to harmful effect.

Is this a form of time?

Untruth and what-shouldn’t-be manifested to real effect, shaping our everyday existence.

How do we grieve the times when what-shouldn’t-be breaks into our reality and… is?

Renee Roederer

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