How Are Medically Vulnerable Students Experiencing a Return to Campus?

File:Michigan Wolverines Logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons
Image Description: University of Michigan logo. Wikimedia Commons.

— How does it feel to choose between health protections and completing a degree?

— What does it feel like to be in your early 20s, having a conversation with friends about whether you should write a will?

— Do you go the required, in-person class or risk the health of a medically vulnerable roommate?

— Do you take greater protections to guard your physical health, or do you let your guard down some to protect your mental health against isolation?

This story below speaks to these risks and considerations that students (and faculty and staff) are having to make as the University of Michigan administration has moved forward with a partially in-person semester — one that public health experts at the university sounded alarms about. This is why graduate students, residential staff, and dining staff are all on strike.

Michigan Daily: Medically vulnerable students voice concerns as classes resume this fall

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