I Believe in Communities

Image Description: A paper chain of people holding hands in a circle, and light is emerging between them.

Communities participated in the formation of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, just as she participated in forming communities toward inspired action.

Communities participated in the formation of Dawn Wooten, just as she’s bravely spurring communities on toward decisive action as a whistleblower.

Communities participated in the formation of John Lewis, just as communities emerged from him, making good trouble.

You are a part of communities.
They’ve shaped you, and you’re shaping them.

Who’s to say you’re not as empowered?
That we’re not as empowered?

Who’s to say you haven’t been formed for such a time as this?
You, the person you are, coming from people who are?

Or that you’re not actively shaping people for such a time as this? — the ones we form, nurture, and love?

Who’s to say our communities aren’t just as powerful, brave, and life-giving?

Renee Roederer

2 thoughts on “I Believe in Communities

  1. As an introvert, I reached a insight about thirty years ago. Unless I created my own community, I would become isolated. I then led 20 or 30 small groups in the church I was attending. I grew to become friends that I new better and deeper than my minister at that time! In the coffee hour after the service, I could approach many members asking them how they were doing, and since we both had backgrounds together, there was no beating around the bush. People would tell me the truth, since I already knew about their background.


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